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Casio Hd Camera

casio hd camera

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casio hd camera - Casio TRYX

Casio TRYX Digital Camera with Full 1080p HD Video Capture and 3-Inch Touch Screen LCD (White)

Casio TRYX Digital Camera with Full 1080p HD Video Capture and 3-Inch Touch Screen LCD (White)

Exhibiting a revolutionary design, the Casio TRYX Digital Camera can turn, twist, hang and stand to get shots you never believe from angles you never thought possible. The 12-megapixel TRYX is equipped with Casio's Exilim Engine HS and features an ultra-bright 3" touch screen LCD, High-Speed CS technology, High-Speed Super Resolution Zoom and HDR-Art imaging. Plus, it can record 1080p full HD movies at 30 fps, includes built-in software for direct upload of images and videos online, and comes with a motion-sensitive self-timer.

85% (9)

Ana squirting water slo-mo

Ana squirting water slo-mo

This was the 5th try. My daughter swallowed the water or bursted out laughing all the time, so I couldn't do what I was expecting (a long squirt in the air), but we had a wonderful time doing it.

Este fue el quinto intento. Ana se tragaba el agua o se partia de risa todo el tiempo, asi que no logre hacer lo que buscaba, que era congelar un chorro largo de agua en el aire, pero nos lo pasamos muy bien haciendolo.


First high-speed tests with my new compact photo and video camera Casio Exilim EX-FC100.

It records high-speed videos but quality and resolution are seriously compromised and it needs lots of light. On the other hand, it is an affordable pocket camera, so... it is fun!

These are the fps (frames per second) rates and their resolutions:

· HD 720p (1280 ? 720)
· 210fps (480 ? 360)
· 420fps (224 ? 168)
· 1000fps (224 ? 64)

Primeras pruebas de alta velocidad con mi nueva camara de fotos y video Casio Exilim EX-FC100.

Graba videos en alta velocidad, pero a expensas de la calidad y reduciendo la resolucion. Por otro lado, es una camara compacta de bolsillo asequible, asi que... ?a divertirse!

Estas son las resoluciones de video

· HD 720p (1280 ? 720)
· 210fps (480 ? 360)
· 420fps (224 ? 168)
· 1000fps (224 ? 64)

my arsenal

my arsenal

What I shoot!

The Canon is my "serious" camera. The Casio Exilim is a great little extended zoom P&S that is so much easier to lug around than the SLR, and does a comparable job for most shots. Plus it shoots HD video! I use this for some of my videos. The Sony Cybershot was an earlier attempt to replace the Canon with a P&S, but it didn't measure up. It makes for a great dog cam, though. I don't mind hanging it around Spencer's neck to scrape along the ground. Finally the Midland is a helmet cam. Lower resolution, but it is small and light enough to hang from various places like under the front bumper of my truck. The foam rubber banded to the front is a wind screen for the microphone.

I shot this with my wife's P&S Canon.

casio hd camera

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